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Dixdesign is a cross-media designer, who can take care of your web- and print design.

More and more people use other means of viewing your website than a regular computer-screen. Whether you use a computer, an Iphone or Ipad, Dixdesign websites will automatically adapt to the medium you are using.

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Dixdesign Services

More about our services

DIXDES!GN designs websites with Html5, CSS3 en PHP. Design, redesign and maintenance. Accessible, usable, targeted yet original and creative. Everyting will be according to your wishes and the W3C webstandards. For making a Joomla! website you can choose between an existing commercial template and an original design. Please inform us about your wishes.
DIXDESIGN is specialised in Joomla, a popular and extensive CMS, but also Wordpress, or a regular website.
A housestyle is a consistent presentation to the outside world of your company, often the first and most important impression to your potential customer and a very important factor. A housestyle is also often called a corporate identity and is about the visual presentation of a company, such as the name, logo, used colors, typography, form-language and photographic elements, to name a few aspects. But it goes beyond the mere visual aspect, it is also about the communication and behaviour of the company. These 3 elements (design, communication and behaviour) deserve to get equal attention during the making of a housestyle.
Design of printwork and websites are usualy being calculated on project-basis. Design of websites and printwork, varying from flyer to billboard, from a logo to a complete housestyle, are within the range of possibilities. We are always looking for the best price/quality relation.
The starting-price for a basic website is € 300. ('Basic' means a home-, product-, links- en contact-page, primarily suited for startup businesses.) Extra implementations have to be calculated seperately. A Content Management Systeem (Joomla!) starts off at € 1000, complete with a custom template. The hourly design rate is € 50, € 35 for maintenance.